Pensions, Tax & Benefits

Public Service Pensions

  • In general, a public servant is a member of either the ‘Single Public Service Pension Scheme’ or a pre-existing, sector-specific pension scheme.


  • The pension benefits a public servant receives generally consist of a retirement pension and a lump sum. Public servants in full PRSI class will also qualify for the State Pension, subject to the rules laid down by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.


  • A spouse or a child’s pension may also be paid when a public servant dies while working or in retirement, while a death gratuity may be paid when a public servant dies while working.


  • The majority of public service pension schemes involve an explicit pension contribution, which is deducted from the salary of the public servant. A separate contribution is also required in respect of spouses’ and children’s pensions.


Defence Forces Pension Information

Since October 2015 all Defence Forces pensions from the Department of Defence are paid by the Payroll Shared Service Centre (PSSC).

  • The PSSC is responsible for processing monthly pensions and for making all statutory and voluntary deductions.


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