Resources for Families

The Family Resource Centre (FRC) – The Family Resource Centre (FRC) programme is Ireland’s largest National Family and Community-based support programme, core funded by Tusla – The Child and Family Agency.


School Days Family Resources – Parenting and family education resources in Ireland.


COVID-19 Resources for Children, Young People and Parents – Children and Young People’s Services Committees (CYPSC) are a key structure identified by Government to plan and co-ordinate services for children and young people in every county in Ireland. Their age remit spans all children and young people aged from 0 to 24 years. The purpose of the CYPSC is to ensure effective interagency co-ordination and collaboration to achieve the best outcomes for all children and young people in their area.​


National Geographic Resources for Families –  Keep your family informed and engaged during the coronavirus shutdowns with parenting articles, study tips, science experiments, homework resources, cute videos, and more.


Tusla Child and Family Agency –  The Child and Family Agency was established on the 1st January 2014 and is now the dedicated State agency responsible for improving wellbeing and outcomes for children.


The Family Resource Centre National Forum – The Family Resource Centre National Forum is a support network working with Family Resource Centres throughout Ireland. The aim of the Forum is to represent the views of all Family Resource Centres nationally and provide practical support to Family Resource Centres involved in family support and social inclusion initiatives. In using the term ‘family support’ the Forum is referring to a set of beliefs and an approach to strengthening and empowering families and communities so that they can foster the development of children, youth and family members.


DEBRA Ireland – DEBRA Ireland is the national charity initially established in 1988 by parents, to provide patient support services to those families affected by, or living with EB in Ireland.


Citizens Information Resources for Families:

Parent’s Benefit

Parent’s Benefit is a payment for people who are on parent’s leave from work and covered by social insurance (PRSI). Each parent gets 2 weeks payment in the child’s first year after birth or adoption. It is available for any child born or adopted on or after 1 November 2019.

Working Family Payment

Working Family Payment is a weekly tax-free payment to people on low pay. You must have at least one child to qualify.

Back to Work Family Dividend

The Back to Work Family Dividend is a payment that gives extra support to lone parent and long-term jobseeker families with children who find or return to work from January 2015.

Maternity Benefit

Maternity Benefit is a payment by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection to women on maternity leave from work. Find out more about Maternity Benefit and how to apply.

Paternity Benefit

Paternity Benefit is a payment that is made to a person who is on paternity leave from work and covered by social insurance (PRSI).

Child Benefit

Child Benefit is a monthly payment to the parents or guardians of children under 16 years of age, or under 18 years of age if the child is in full-time education or has a disability.

One-Parent Family Payment

One-Parent Family Payment is a payment for men and women who are bringing children up without the support of a partner.

Transition from One-Parent Family Payment

The age limit for One-Parent Family Payment (OFP) reduced to 7 years in July 2015. People who no longer qualify for OFP because their youngest child is over the age limit may be eligible for other income supports. This document outlines your options.

Adoptive Benefit

Adoptive Benefit is a payment made to people on adoptive leave from work. Find out how to apply and rates of benefit.

Health and Safety Benefit

A summary of Health and Safety Benefit for pregnant/breastfeeding women.

Pregnancy and social welfare payments

Pregnancy may affect your social welfare payment. You may be entitled to a different payment or an increase in your current payment.

Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance

The Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance is paid each year to families on certain social welfare and other benefits. The scheme helps families with the cost of sending children back to school.

Deserted Wife’s Benefit

Deserted Wife’s Benefit is a social insurance payment made to women who were deserted by their husbands. This payment closed to new applicants in January 1997. Some women, however, continue to get a deserted wife’s payment.

Deserted Wife’s Allowance

Deserted Wife’s Allowance is a means-tested payment for women under 66 without dependent children who were deserted by their husband and who do not qualify for Deserted Wife’s Benefit.