ONE Videos

Michael Smith DSM honours Francis Ledwidge on the 100th Anniversary of his death.

ONE Sleeping Flags Campaign Video

Help O.N.E. provide a safe space for the homeless Defence Forces veterans who served their flag and country

ONE’s Fuchsia Appeal.

The Fuchsia Appeal runs annually to raise funds for ONE’s charitable endeavours, namely the provision of accommodation and other assistance to ex-service personnel in need.

‘Home Sweet Home’,

Song written by Tom Currivan

Merry Christmas to all members of ONE and to all those who have proudly served their country.

Congo “In the Service of the Future’, is a film made by McKee Officers’ Club and shared with ONE using a ‘home movie’ filmed by Lt (later Col) Paddy McNally during his deployment in to UNOC in 1960. This footage was edited to include several interviews, including interviews with their members who served in that initial deployment.

Perspectives of Women Leaders

Army veteran shares her experience of serving with the Irish Defence Forces and what she learnt about leadership.