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Thank You Brú na bhFiann – from a Grateful Veteran

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We received the following email from a veteran who found herself homeless 18 months ago.  To maintain confidentiality we have removed her name.  The following is published with the permission of the veteran concerned.

Hi there,

I’m ex 2 Inf Bn, and 18 months ago I found myself homeless.
After the army, I was a firefighter/paramedic with DFB, so the women’s shelters wouldn’t take me in for fear the drug users there would be violent toward me after I had reversed their overdoses on so many occasions.

I was on a week to week basis in a tourist hostel in Kells, but Brú na bhFíann was the only place who unconditionally said to come to them if I was stuck. At least four or five times I was nearly at their door.

I found a house eventually, and as a thank you to Sgt Maj Dillon and everyone, there is a

Refurbished day room in Brú na bhFiann, Veterans Hostel.
Day Room Brú na bhFiann

half turkey paid for at Ethersons butcher Cabra road for any of the lads staying in Smithfield over Christmas. Ready for pick up from the 22nd, will be vacuum-packed and stuffed. (Under name- /ONE Smithfield)

If I can do anything to help the ONE please let me know. I worked in Haiti after the earthquake and in Brussels. on EU projects about helping people in crisis.

Even if you need someone to man a mobile phone, give me a shout. 
All the best, le gach dea guí.