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ONE, as the provider of  Support, Comradeship, Advocacy and Remembrance (SCAR) for all Irish Veterans, recognises the need to build a more inclusive and diverse organisation. We recognise the unique nature of military service and we want veterans and wider-society to be proud of that service. Greater understanding of the specific needs of all veterans, women and men, young and old, will ensure that the organisation continues to grow and to provide essential services and support to those who have proudly served their country.


Important steps have been taken in assessing our current membership profile, looking at the services currently provided to veterans and identifying areas for improvement.  As part of our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, we are drawing upon the widest possible set of backgrounds, talents and skills to maximise our veteran support services, adapt to the changing needs of our veterans and take advantage of new opportunities and partnerships.


ONE have developed a new Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, consisting of measurable goals and objectives that will assist us in identifying the barriers to full & equal participation and any opportunities there are to develop specific services. We are committed to taking action to increase women’s participation across the organisation and in identifying how we can better support the needs of women veterans.


Military service has exposed those who served to diverse experiences, both positive and negative. ONE is committed to making the veteran experience a positive one, where veterans are celebrated by their communities, supported by their government and valued for their own individuality.


We acknowledge that the perception of veterans organisations  is that of a ‘men’s only clubs’. We must not only change this perception but also ensure that we are providing a community and a space that is giving equity of opportunity to all veterans to be seen, to be valued and to reach their own individual potential. In early 2021, we will launch ONE’s ‘I Am a Veteran Campaign’ to highlight the diverse roles veterans play in Irish society and how veterans contribute in positive ways to the community.


We are building our capacity and our capabilities to provide mental health and wellbeing supports, professional recruitment services, networking opportunities and skills development opportunities for our veteran community. We are collaborating with the private sector and identifying opportunities to partner with companies and multi-nationals on veterans’ initiatives and programmes.

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Diversity & inclusion is now an organisational priority and we are embracing it in its most holistic sense; sex, age, ethnicity, gender & sexual orientation. ONE values you and wants you as a member because you are unique and because together, we are stronger. By nurturing different perspectives, we will encourage open dialogue and new ideas, in a trusting and respectful environment, that will enable us to connect with veterans across Ireland.




    1. Hi Aidan, You can of course. We have plenty of active Ex-FCA and RDF members and we would be delighted if you joined. You can submit your application via the website

    1. Hi Tony, No we haven’t received anything yet – Please feel free to forward to my email. Many thanks, Deirdre

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