St. Cronans CE Vacancies

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St. Cronans CE Vacancies in Birr, Roscrea and Nenagh

Community Employment (CE) is a transitional, part-time work programme of 19.5 hours per week, typically over a twelve-month period, that is supported by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. It combines real work in community organisations with personalised Training and Development. CE staff members can take up other part-time work during their placement.

Information on CE Scheme can be found here.

Any questions can be sent to nigel.daly@cronans.ie or 087 160 1095.

St. Cronans have the following CE vacancies



  1. CE Caretaker https://jobsireland.ie/en-US/job-Details?id=2209018
  2. CE Housekeeper https://jobsireland.ie/en-US/job-Details?id=2209010


  1. CE Support Worker https://jobsireland.ie/en-US/job-Details?id=2211496
  2. Kitchen Assistant  https://jobsireland.ie/en-US/job-Details?id=2211244
  3. Caretaker https://jobsireland.ie/en-US/job-Details?id=2213596
  4. Caretaker https://jobsireland.ie/en-US/job-Details?id=2213596


  1. CE Support Worker https://jobsireland.ie/en-US/job-Details?id=2214559