Pay Commission Increase in the rate of Military Service Allowance (MSA)

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From Simon Coveney, Minister for Defence and Minister for Foreign Affairs: I am now pleased to inform you that my Department has secured formal approval from DPER to pass on the benefit of the MSA rate increase awarded to serving Defence Forces personnel on 4 July 2019, to relevant qualifying military pensions that were already in payment before that date. This is backdated to 4 July 2019. For pre-4 July 2019 military pensioners, the measure of course only applies to those pensions that already include an ‘MSA’ component.
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5 thoughts on “Pay Commission Increase in the rate of Military Service Allowance (MSA)

  1. Well done to all involved for bringing this to pass ..no need to mention names as they know we appreciate the work they do quietly on our behalf ..maith sibh uilig agus maith an obair!!!

    1. As far as I am aware, this is the first increase in pensions in many years. Could we please organise that Vetrans living ove seas. That standing bank charges fir their monthly pension be abolished.

    1. It is our understanding that all MSA increases for enlisted personnel have been paid by October 2020. Most Officers’ pensions have also been updated. Pension increases due under the new Public Service agreement (Building Momentum) are as follows:
      1% on 1 October 2021.
      1% on 1 February 2022.
      1%1 October 2022.
      These increases are dependent on clarification of agreement by the representative associations.

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