‘I Am A Veteran’ – Lesley Walsh

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Through our new campaign, the Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel (ONE) is highlighting our talented, highly skilled and diverse group of veterans, showcasing members who are making a difference in our communities and across Irish and international society.

Our next veteran’s story features Lesley Walsh. Lesley spent 24 distinguished years in the Irish Defence Forces. Her early career was spent soldiering in the 3rd Infantry Battalion before gaining experience in a Logistics unit and then moving to Defence Forces Headquarters (DFHQ) in 2010 where she worked in the Chief of Staff’s Division. During her time in DFHQ Lesley worked within EU affairs and concurrently studied an MA in International Relations, focusing on International Politics, Terrorism Studies and EU studies.

Lesley now works as a Parliamentary Assistant to Dr Cathal Berry T.D. where the diverse experiences and skills gained in the military compliments her current role.

Lesley is selfless, dedicated and committed to her community, and to serving wider Irish society. She is a wonderful coach and tireless advocate for services to support families and communities.

We are proud to count Lesley as a member of our veterans community. For more information on ONE please visit our website (https://www.one-veterans.org​​​​​) and if you are a former member of the Irish Defence Forces we encourage you to become a member of our growing network #ONE​​​​​ #Veteran​​​​​ #IAmAVeteran​​​​​ #ProudToBeAVeteran​​​​​ #IrishVeterans​​​​


Video produced in partnership with the Irish Defence Forces.

Director: Karl McEneaney, Defence Forces Audio Visual Section

Production Team: Karl McEneaney, Paul Keeley and Keith Harrison