Career change is your new career constant

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Career change is your new career constant

In a world where no one can predict what happens next, change is the only constant.

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones, a Career Consultant at the Officers’ Association, outlines why adopting a positive approach to change is the way forward…

Career choices can often feel huge, daunting prospects. To people who have served their whole working life, or even just part of it in the military, this can feel even more so; but in fact, they are better prepared to tackle career change than they think.

A ‘job for life’ is no longer the norm. Indeed, research by LinkedIn shows that the average person will have 12-15 jobs in their lifetime and that career switching can happen as much during a person’s 20s and 30s as later in life.

We have seen, particularly over the past 18 months, that life is not a linear path but a continuous series of new experiences and challenges. There is no longer a precise destination; rather, the most important element is the constant pursuit of learning and minimising regret.

Deciding to leave the Forces is a significant one, which can feel high risk.

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