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We recognise the unique nature of military service and we want all veterans and wider-society to be proud of that service. Become a member of ONE today and together, we can ensure that every single veteran has the opportunity to reach their own individual potential.


ONE’s services are available to all veterans of the Irish Defence Forces and we also facilitate homeless veterans from other countries living in Ireland from time to time. ONE provides accommodation to veterans, who otherwise would be homeless,and has also created a nationwide network of Veteran’s Support Centres which provide a variety of support services and access to resources.


ONE relies on your generous donations. We have a number of appeals currently ongoing, including our Fuchsia Appeal and our Sleeping Flags Campaign. All donations support the provision of ONE's essential services.

Hostels for Homeless Veterans

O.N.E supports the needs of Irish veterans with the provision of accommodation to homeless veterans.


Fundraising Activities

View all the ways in which we raise vital funds to support our veterans and veterans families. Find out more about ONE's fundraising activities and how you can support our veteran community.




06 Mar 2021
Tribute to Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann on its 70th Anniversary

I am delighted, as Minister for Defence, to have this opportunity to pay tribute to Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of your foundation. There have been many changes throughout the past 70 years since the launch of ONE in the Mansion House in Dublin on Saturday 10th March 1951. […]

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03 Mar 2021
BITCI Ready for Work Programme Update 2021

  I hope 2021 is going well so far and the impact of Covid / Lockdown is manageable. I wanted to update you on the Ready for Work programme for 2021. The programme is active and working with clients and businesses remotely for the interim. Once we move out of Level 5 we will reopen […]

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27 Feb 2021
Skills Matter – Skills and Training Opportunities

    Skills Development News & Updates   Welcome!   Welcome to Skills Matter, a new quarterly newsletter focused on skills and training opportunities for the nonprofit community. If you are passionate about training and staff development, or curious about how upskilling your staff or volunteers could help you achieve your mission, then this newsletter is […]

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23 Feb 2021
Pay Commission Increase in the rate of Military Service Allowance (MSA)

From Simon Coveney, Minister for Defence and Minister for Foreign Affairs: I am now pleased to inform you that my Department has secured formal approval from DPER to pass on the benefit of the MSA rate increase awarded to serving Defence Forces personnel on 4 July 2019, to relevant qualifying military pensions that were already […]

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16 Feb 2021
From the Archives: Blackwater Manoeuvres

  A state of emergency was declared in Ireland on 02 September 1939 following the outbreak of the Second World War. The Emergency Powers Act 1939 was passed by the Oireachtas the following day. The Emergency (Ré na Práinne) necessitated a large scale mobilisation of the Defence Forces to face a potential invasion of Ireland […]

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14 Feb 2021
From the Archives: Representation for Members of the Defence Forces Begins

  In 1988 a small number of Sergeants based in Army Barracks around the Dublin area commenced a campaign which sought to establish and have recognised an organisation for enlisted personnel which would seek to improve pay and conditions within the Defence Forces.  The campaign quickly spread throughout the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service […]

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01 Feb 2021
Recognition of same sex marriages/civil partnerships

  DPER Circular 18/2020: Recognition of same sex marriages/civil partnerships under Public Service ‘Original’ Spouses’ and Children’s Contributory Pension Scheme’   Brief Background / Explanation This Circular relates to spouses and children’s pension benefits for same sex couples.   It is of limited application;  it is relevant only to ; former members of ‘original’ public […]

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26 Jan 2021
Brú na Farraige – Cobh Hostel for Homeless Veterans

  Introduction On 27 August 2020, the Board of Directors of ONE (Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel) approved a contract to develop a five-bedroom hostel in Cobh co-located with a Veteran Support Centre. This is ONE’s fourth hostel and is the penultimate step in its plan for a network of hostels nationwide providing sixty bedrooms […]

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18 Jan 2021
From the Archives: The Steyr Rifle

  The Steyr Armee Universal Gewehr (AUG) meaning Army Universal Rifle entered service with the Defence Forces in 1988 replacing the FN Rifle. It fires a NATO standard 5.56mm round. The weapon is of a ‘bullpup’ design which means the mechanism and magazine are located behind the trigger and pistol grip which reduces the overall […]

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14 Jan 2021
Raise our Flag and Lift our Veterans

Raise our Flag and Lift our Veterans Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann – Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel – (ONE) provides Support, Comradeship, Advocacy, and Remembrance for Irish Veterans. Our primary objective, as a registered charity (CHY 13868), is the provision of accommodation for homeless veterans and advice and other support through our nationwide network of […]

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13 Jan 2021
Opportunity: Cyber Skills Training for Veterans

  Skills Connect has been funded by the Department of Education to provide Cyber Skills Training for Unemployed People and those impacted by Covid 19.   Military personnel have a proven track record in the Cyber Security Sector and the CyberQuest Programme provides an opportunity to learn and enhance these skills.   The training is […]

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04 Jan 2021

  The HSE have developed an evidence-based programme on minding your wellbeing during COVID 19.   The programme can be accessed by following the link below, or by searching “HSE minding your wellbeing” on YouTube.   https://www2.hse.ie/healthy-you/minding-your-wellbeing-programme.html   The programme is based on a series of five sessions which are presented as videos on YouTube. […]

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01 Jan 2021
From the Archives: Defence Forces Departure From Griffith Barracks Dublin

  Griffith Barracks was opened in 1818 and known as the Richmond House of Correction and later the Richmond Bridewell. It was transferred to the War Department in 1887 and was subsequently renamed Wellington Barracks after the Duke of Wellington. Following independence, it was again renamed, this time to honour the memory of Arthur Griffith […]

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30 Dec 2020
ONE Veterans Raising Funds for Charity

  2020 has been a challenging year for many but one positive to take from the global pandemic is the unwavering sense of community and selflessness demonstrated by veterans across the country. ONE’s Michael Mc Neela Branch members participated in a 50 km cycle from Dundalk to Carlingford before Christmas. 27 cyclists from local clubs […]

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27 Dec 2020
From the Archives: Border Security Exercise – May 1986

  Archives: Army holds a large-scale security exercise ‘Operation Readiness’ to test the response of Irish Defence Forces to offer security support in the border area.   During the 1980’s Ireland was on a heightened state of alert.  This was particularly so in the Border Area.  Army/Garda patrols, checkpoints, escorts and searches were part of […]

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23 Dec 2020
Raise our Flag and Lift our Veterans – Monthly Subscription

  Raise our Flag and Lift our Veterans Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann – Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel – (ONE) provides Support, Comradeship, Advocacy, and Remembrance for Irish Veterans. Our primary objective, as a registered charity (CHY 13868), is the provision of accommodation for homeless veterans and advice and other support through our nationwide network […]

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21 Dec 2020
Merry Christmas to all Members of ONE, to all Service Personnel, Families and our Dedicated Supporters

  2020 has been a hugely challenging year but one where ONE continued to support veterans across the country through the provision of homeless services and other critical supports. 2020 saw the launch of our new website one-veterans.org, a veterans resource hub, approval for our new hostel and Veteran Support Centre in Cobh, a Medical […]

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17 Dec 2020
Commission on the Defence Forces Press Release by the Minister for Defence and the Minister for Foreign Affairs

Commission on the Defence Forces Press Release by the Minister for Defence and the Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Simon Coveney T.D. 15th December 2020   Minister for Defence and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Simon Coveney T.D., has today announced Government approval for the establishment of an independent Commission on the Defence Forces. The […]

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14 Dec 2020
A Clip from the Archives: UNIFIL – Volatile and Tense

  The Defence Forces and its veterans have a long standing relationship with Lebanon. Its foundation lay with the deployment of observers to the United Nations Observer Group in Lebanon (UNOGIL) and the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO) in 1958.  It continued with the deployment of the 43 Infantry Battalion to the United Nations […]

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12 Dec 2020
How to Stay Calm During a Global Pandemic

Data indicates that the current global pandemic is resulting in increased anxiety and reduced wellbeing for many of us. We all move up and down the mental health curve in our everyday lives, but research suggests Covid may be pushing more of us down the curve. So, here are 15 ideas for how to continue […]

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10 Dec 2020
Funeral of Private William O’Brien 10 December 1986

  Private William O’Brien was killed in Lebanon on 06 December 1986 while serving with the 60th Infantry Battalion in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). His parent unit in Ireland was the 6th Infantry Battalion Athlone. William’s funeral took place thirty-four years ago today on the 10th of December 1986 and he […]

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10 Dec 2020
Thank You Brú na bhFiann – from a Grateful Veteran

  We received the following email from a veteran who found herself homeless 18 months ago.  To maintain confidentiality we have removed her name.  The following is published with the permission of the veteran concerned. Hi there, I’m ex 2 Inf Bn, and 18 months ago I found myself homeless. After the army, I was […]

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02 Dec 2020
Medical Clinic for Homeless Veterans

  Doctor Cathal Berry is not only a TD representing Kildare South in Dáil Éireann, he is also a veteran of the Irish Defence Forces. He served in the elite Army Ranger Wing before qualifying as a medical doctor and becoming the head of the Military Medical School in the Defence Forces Training Centre, The […]

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28 Nov 2020
ONE’s Christmas Magazine 2020

ONE’s Christmas Magazine 2020 –  

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27 Nov 2020
Accommodation for Homeless (or About to Become Homeless) Defence Forces Veterans

  ONE opened its first Veterans Home in Queen Street, Dublin in 1994 following the deaths of a number of homeless veterans on the streets of Dublin.  Brú na bhFiann (as the home was known) could accommodate 20 veterans at any one time. Today, there are three ONE Homes, a new Brú na bhFiann (opened […]

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27 Nov 2020
Dropbox – Veterans Appreciation

  Every November is Veterans Appreciation Month at Dropbox. This year Vets@Dropbox secured a donation of end of life devices for an Irish-based Veterans charity – Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel (O.N.E). Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, O.N.E CEO Ollie O’Connor had to take ownership of the devices in a carpark!!!   O.N.E supports the […]

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24 Nov 2020

  ONE, as the provider of  Support, Comradeship, Advocacy and Remembrance (SCAR) for all Irish Veterans, recognises the need to build a more inclusive and diverse organisation. We recognise the unique nature of military service and we want veterans and wider-society to be proud of that service. Greater understanding of the specific needs of all […]

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19 Nov 2020
Soldiers march out of Collins Barracks Dublin for the last time to make way for the new National Museum

On the 18th April 1997 the 5th Infantry Battalion vacated a piece of Irish history. Up to this, Collins Barracks, Dublin held the record for being the oldest continually occupied military barracks in the world, and at one time housed 5,000 troops.  An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 April 1997. The reporter is Paul […]

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09 Nov 2020

    There is a natural inclanation for organisations to stagnate or regress during and immediately after an emergency such as the COVID-19 Pandemic. ONE cannot allow this to happen. We will have challenges both personally and for our organisation,  but  supporting our veterans requires us to not only sustain ONE but to propel it […]

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07 Nov 2020
Defence Forces Commemorates the 60th Anniversary of the Niemba Ambush

    This afternoon, Saturday 7th November 2020, the 60th Commemoration of the Niemba Ambush took place in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Rathmines, Dublin 6 with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Memorial Garden outside the Garrison Church.   Wreaths were laid separately in a reduced ceremony conducted in line with Covid-19 guidelines.   Wreaths were laid by: Company Quarter Master […]

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06 Nov 2020
ONE is Hiring – Veteran Support Officer

  ONE is hiring a Veteran Support Officer.   The primary objective of Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann is to ensure the welfare of ex-service personnel by way of providing accommodation to homeless, elderly or disabled members in need of such domestic accommodation and shelter and other assistance that may be required.   ONE is a […]

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05 Nov 2020
RIP Mr. Robert Fisk

  Veteran journalist and author Robert Fisk has died at the age of 74. ONE wish to pass on their condolences to Mr. Fisk’s family and friends. Lauded as one of the most influential correspondents in the Middle East since the second world war, Robert was a friend of the Irish Defence Forces.  In 2018, Robert paid a visit […]

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02 Nov 2020
Niemba – 8th November 1960

  Since 1961, ONE has remembered those who died in Niemba, DR Congo on the 8th November 1960 by holding an Annual Remembrance Mass and Wreath Laying Ceremony. This year’s ceremony was planned to be of the scale of the ceremonies held for the 50th Anniversary. Unfortunately, due to the COVID 19 pandemic and Government […]

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30 Oct 2020
Congo “In the Service of the Future’

    Congo “In the Service of the Future’, is a film made by McKee Officers’ Club and shared with ONE using a ‘home movie’ filmed by Lt (later Col) Paddy McNally during his deployment in to UNOC in 1960. This footage was edited to include several interviews, including interviews with their members who served in […]

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29 Oct 2020
PRESS RELEASE: New hostel in Cobh for homeless Defence Forces Veterans

    Cobh development to provide a safe, supportive and secure environment for Defence Forces Veterans going through difficult times     IRELAND: The Organisation of National Ex-Service Personnel (Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann), otherwise known as ONE, has today announced the launch of its latest hostel on 8 Harbour Row, Cobh, County Cork. The organisation has […]

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29 Oct 2020
Membership – Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann

The Board of Directors of Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann (Organisation of National Ex- Service Personnel-ONE) has undertaken a review of the administration of membership and associated issues. A number of these were approved by the Board at its meeting on 22 October 2020, including complimentary membership in 2021 for those who paid membership in 2020. […]

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25 Oct 2020
Back To Education

    BACK TO EDUCATION It’s that time of the year, when we start thinking about returning to education, starting college, signing up for a night class or beginning an apprenticeship. This year is very different to previous ones. As a result of COVID-19, many courses will start late, or go online, and your experience […]

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25 Sep 2020
Pensions: 40-Year Pensions Benefit Cap under pre-2013 Pension Schemes

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform has just published new comprehensive guidance for public service bodies in relation to implementation of the 40-year pensions benefit cap under pre-2013 pension schemes. This follows from a DPER review into the operation of the benefit cap. The details are on the DPER website  –  As you will […]

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25 Aug 2020
ONE – 2020 By Colm Campbell

The origins of Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann (ONE) are indelibly connected with the Defence Forces whose own geneses lie with the foundation of the Irish Volunteers, Óglaigh na hÉireann, in the Rotunda Rink in Dublin in November 1913. The first thirty-eight years of the Defence Forces existence was marked by the achievement of independence, a […]

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29 Jul 2020
O.N.E’s Strategic Plan 2020

Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann works to ensure that veterans play a full role in and are respected members of Irish Society.The previous strategic plan for ONE came to an end in 2015. Aware of the necessity to replace it with a new strategic plan commencing in 2016, the Board of Directors tasked the strategic planning […]

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29 Jul 2020
Position Paper on Veteran’s Policy 2020

Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann defines Veterans’ Policy as a declaration of the Government’s political activities, plans and intentions relating to veterans of the Defence Forces. It may be contained in a Programme for Government, White Paper or other appropriate medium. An embryonic Veterans’ Policy was included in the White Paper on Defence 2015. There was […]

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